All in Child of An Affair

What do other's do about the child?

The other morning on a breakfast radio station they were discussing children of affairs – a listener had asked the question whether she should tell her adult children that they have a half brother from their father’s affair many years ago.  This sparked a wave of people from all sides ringing up and sharing stories –  many of them about the positive relationships that had been forged with affair children either as children or later as adults.

How to end an affair when there is (or is going to be) a child of the affair.

A question that comes up regularly from women whose husband’s have had affairs and the Affair Partner (AP) is either pregnant or has had a child of the affair is how can I be sure that the affair is really over?  The unfaithful husband has made a commitment back to the marriage but is still regularly seeing the Affair Partner because of the pregnancy or baby/child.  If this is your situation then the affair is not over.

Decisions about the child

Recently a journalist from a major Australian Newspaper interviewed me for a story about children born of an affair.  The link to the article can be found here.   The story was syndicated on line across Australia and I have been really fascinated by the comments the article generated - both online and those people have sent to me privately.  They have ranged from supportive to down right disparaging - and so be it - you can't please all the people all the time.