Beyond Affairs Network (BAN)

The Beyond Affairs Network (BAN) began over 30 years ago by Peggy Vaughan and is now a world wide grass roots organization made up of local support groups for people who are dealing with the impact of a spouse’s affair.  There are currently over 200 groups in 15 countries operating around the world.

BAN is for women and men (still married /in the relationship or separated/divorced) seeking support in recovering from this experience. Whether a relationship ends or not the individual that has been betrayed has to heal and recover from the experience.

BAN has been meeting monthly in Brisbane Australia since the beginning of 2010 and in that time has provided support and healing to hundreds of women and men.  In addition this group has the facilities to be able to Skype in if there is no BAN group in your area from anywhere in Australia.

Is BAN for me?

BAN is an all-volunteer, free, grass-roots organization.

  • BAN is for the betrayed spouse only.
  • BAN is not for those who’ve had affairs themselves.
  • BAN provides men and women who are dealing with a partner’s affair an opportunity to come together for strength, insight, and mutual support.
  • BAN is open to both those who choose to heal their marriages and those who choose or are forced into divorce.
  • BAN is best suited for individuals who are seeking to gain more information, under­standing and perspective in order to make more informed personal decisions.
  • BAN meetings are not intended to act as a substitutefor counseling or other professional help.
  • BAN is free to attend.

The purpose of BAN is to:

  • provide an opportunity for people who are dealing with the devastating impact of a spouse’s affair to come together face-to-face, for strength, insight, and mutual support.
  • provide a safe place to share the painful emotions that interfere with recovery and a place to gain perspective and understanding, aimed at thinking more clearly and acting more effectively, in order to proactively move forward, make more informed personal decisions and recover from this experience.
  • reinforce people’s own efforts toward recovery, working in conjunction with and not in place of other support they are seeking such as therapy, counseling or marriage healing and strengthening seminars.
  • To help people reach a point where they are fully healed from the experience and no longer need support.

For further information about BAN please go to the International BAN website

To find your local group please go to:

Or if you would like information on the group that I facilitate please fill in the form on the contact page. Thank you!