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2 Useful Tools for Healing

Last night in my Beyond Affairs Network (BAN) meeting we had a discussion about what people have found useful in helping them move forward in their healing.  Along with BAN meetings and counselling and workshops such as the Take Your Life Back or Healing From Affairs weekends, and reading and talking about it, working on self (and many others that people shared) there are two I want to highlight today because they are free and you can implement them immediately - and very quickly you will feel their impact for the better. They are Gratitude and Journaling.

This post is based on the discussion at my BAN meeting last Tuesday night.  A member had asked the question: Maybe we could talk about how the betrayed partner would know when the time comes to stop trusting an untrustworthy partner, and to move on for our own safety?

Making the decision to end the relationship will always be a balance of many factors and only you can decide what is right for you.  Talk to someone you trust, seek help and remember you are not alone.