Move Beyond the Affair - Hope for Healing and Happiness

Couple weathering the storm of an affair

The revelation or discovery of an affair in a relationship...

It is one of the most devastating events in a person’s life. It’s what I call a relational trauma and just like a physical trauma - like being in a car wreck - or an emotional trauma like witnessing a murder the ongoing effects of the trauma are real and hard to navigate. Everything you as a couple held as true has been destroyed with the revelation or discovery and it seems life as you know it will never be the same.

The First Step…

Is to know that despite how you are feeling right now you are not alone. You are both going through a relational trauma and the world as you knew it does not seem to exist anymore. But many couples have walked this path and successfully rebuilt a life fulfilling and loving relationship.

In the early, highly emotional time, following the discovery of an affair - the task of rebuilding can seem impossible. But there is hope for all relationships.

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Understand what the journey to recovery involves…

An affair creates an enormous amount of pain and devastation but with a number of clearly defined steps for both the one who had the affair and the betrayed partner you can start to pick through the rubble and begin to rebuild. It takes time – there is no quick fix for the healing required after the revelation of an affair. And you both need to heal whether you stay together or not.

After many years of working with couples going through this, and having walked this road myself, I have laid out for you the steps you need to take to fully recover…

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Find your personal guide…

This is someone to coach you through your recovery, to make sure you cover all the steps and come out the other side completely healed either with or without the relationship. While it may seem like an impossible task the greatest damage to a relationship also provides the greatest opportunity for growth and self discovery and the potential for a relationship that is better than it has ever been.

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Affair Journey

The Affair Recovery Journey

August 2008 was the month my relationship fell apart. It started slowly with small things and by the end of the month, with the biggest revelation, it had felt like death by a thousand cuts. He would tell me something…but wait there’s more and a few days later reveal something else….


“Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted in spite of your changing moods.”

— C S Lewis

Child of an affair

When there is a child involved

My husband and I have our very own affair child. He is the youngest of the family preceded by our 3 children of the marriage.

Recovering from an affair is hard enough. But when you also have the added complexity of a child (or children) in the situation, recovery can sometimes seem near impossible.