Finding out about your Partner’s Affair...

It is one of the most devastating events in a person’s life. Everything you as a couple held as true has been destroyed with the revelation or discovery and it seems life as you know it will never be the same.


On these pages you will find information and opportunities for support to help you recover from the pain of betrayal.


The first step

to saving your relationship is to seek help. Additional damage to the relationship and to the individuals can be done in the early highly emotional time following the discovery of an affair - the task of rebuilding can seem impossible. But there is hope for all relationships.

An affair in a relationship creates a huge loss of connection but you can rebuild this connection with a number of clearly defined steps for both the one who had the affair and the betrayed partner. It takes time – there is no quick fix for the healing required after the revelation of an affair. While it may seem like an impossible task the greatest damage to a relationship also provides the greatest opportunity for growth and self discovery and the potential for a relationship that is better than it has ever been.


I'm Catriona Lightfoot, a Relationship Therapist and Affair Recovery Specialist

But more than my professional qualifications I have first hand experience of the affair recovery journey having personally survived the aftermath of my husband's affair.  I have developed my own Affair Recovery Program and every day I use this to help couples and individuals all over the world, find their path to healing after an affair has hit their relationship.  Please look around this website - you may find just what you are looking for to take the next step in your recovery journey.