Are you in therapy after an affair? 

Are you feeling stuck, not sure if therapy will ever help you move past the affair? 

So many couples report trying therapy, feeling like it isn't working, and stopping therapy- even though they know in their hearts they haven't truly healed or dealt with the core of why the affair happened. 

If you don't deal with the why, it is almost impossible to ensure the situation won't repeat itself. My goal is to help individuals and couples understand the why, the how, and develop a plan to move forward to live a happy, healed, healthy life. Not by denying what happened, ignoring it, sweeping it under the rug... by truly healing and making a deep change. 

Schedule an expert affair intensive. We will meet together for a 90 minute session to assess what tasks of affair recovery have been completed, what still needs to be done, and I will make recommendations about what your ongoing needs may be. 

Email me directly here to set up this session. 

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