Catriona Lightfoot


Catriona Lightfoot BA BSW MAASW (Acc)

I'm Catriona Lightfoot, a qualified Relationship Therapist and Affair Recovery Specialist

If you have perused other pages of this website you will have at least some snippets of my story. More than my professional qualifications I have first hand experience of the affair recovery journey having personally survived and thrived in the aftermath of my husband's affair. 

Having been a Social Worker since the mid 90’s, working with families and communities on broken relationships, I took this knowledge, did some extensive therapy training focussed on couple’s relationships and then developed my own Affair Recovery Program. I have been using this program successfully since 2014 to help couples and individuals all over the world, find their path to healing after an affair has blown their relationship apart.

I am based in Australia but work with couples all over the world via skype.

Our Office —
Brisbane Australia GMT +10

Catriona is ready with the tools to help you fix the LOVE in your broken relationship